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"Danielle's intuitive hands glide over my body repairing a week of aches and pains, as if her fingers talk directly to the muscles in my body and tell them to relax.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how to take care of it and it reflects in her work.  I recommend her services to anybody who wants to spend 60 or 90 minutes in heaven."

Noah L
All Pro Sports, LP

"Treating myself to a massage by Danielle is the best part of my week hands down!  Whether it's a nagging injury, a punishing workout, or just being on my feet all day,  I believe my recovery has benefited tremendously from my weekly sessions and is integral to my overall fitness program.  Strong, intuitive, nurturing, and professional, I recommend Danielle to all my clients."

Gretchen Helt
Personal Trainer
Pure and Simple fitness

"Danielle is incredible!  She's great at providing immediate pain relief to problem areas (my shoulder and neck went from OUCH! to AAAHHH in one session).  But where she really shines is in getting beyond the symptoms and working in a patient and meticulous way, first through myofascial release and then through deep tissue work, to get to the sources of much of my muscle pain and tightness.  Her attention to detail, truly caring nature, and total professionalism make her the best massage therapist I've ever worked with (and there have been many)."

N. Bhatt

“Danielle seems to magically find the spots of tension and releases them gently and firmly. I have never felt so relaxed as after one of her massages. She is very intuitive and strong.”

Art Trek

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